Class: KmlTreeVisibility

KmlTreeVisibility(visualElementId, wwd)

Class for controlling the visibility of features.


new KmlTreeVisibility(visualElementId, wwd)

This class represents the structure of Documents, Folders and Features in the document. It renders them into some of the outside area with defined classes, so that user can specify the look and feel. Important part of this effort is to allow user show/hide subset of the Features present in the document. Implementing this functionality also simplifies the manual testing.
Name Type Description
visualElementId String Id of the element into which this will be rendered.
wwd WorldWindow WorldWindow instance necessary to control the redraw in the framework.




Controls added to the KML document will be notified by the update of the Kml document. Hook is method which is called once, when the element is updated. It is necessary to be careful and hook the element only once. The other solution is to make sure the ids will be used correctly.